Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trying to do this better

Bookmark on the page.

As you read this, you can see, that there are days my head is spinning and I get mixed up easily.

Well, life is so quickly passing.

I wanted to post some photos of some bookmarks I have made.

I have some photos from my old computer, but cannot find those.

So the ones I do have I can post.
I think bookmarks are nice things to make. They can be made quickly and personally. I have made them with beads and string , I have crocheted them, also crocheted when beads , I have used paper and cardboard , I have re-purposed junk mail making bookmarks .

The photos I have today are of crocheted bookmarks and re-purposed junk mail.

Another craft then I have been doing is re-purposing junk mail, I'm making them into notebooks.
I used other things besides junk mail to do this , used gift bags, magazines and books, buttons. and other things.
The photos for that are not ready and will take me a while like everything else I do.

Some of the yellow bookmarks I have crocheted are here.

Some of the greens are these:

This is the mix, so pink will be the next ones.

Here are some of the purples. I have more on the table waiting for the camera. They will have to wait a bit longer though.

Oh man the light makes the cloth look dingy.

One of the orange ones. Hubby, sweetie pie lost the one I made him, that matched the book we are studying for the Congregation Bible Study. Mine is with my book, so the photo of that is going to be later.

I free hand drew the ice wagon and did not know what to do with it. Since it was on a folded sheet of paper. (scrap, it was practice) I decided to add the crocheted cord and make a bookmark out of that.

These were made from recycled mail, mostly junk ,mail.

I honestly do not know which back goes to what bookmark and I lost two of the above bookmarks, so for now I will not know.

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