Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Spring Post

I have been doing not so good for the
past few months.
a lot has been due
to the lung cancer.

That is the non self inflicted lung cancer.

I had no choice, it was not caused
by me or anyone near me smoking.

If you read this and smoke, please quit, if you get cancer, it will be the people you love that hurts and
that will take care of you.

If you really want to put that load on
your children,
then I don't think anything,
anyone says,would help to encourage

you to stop smoking.

Well that is enough for the "lecture."

Of course, I did not put the camera down

during this time.

I have some lovely photos from my yard, and some from the mountains after the trees turned last fall. These four, up to this point, are just a few out of the many I took.

Since I have been invited to be a guest at an International Convention, I chose to use some of my photos as gifts for the others that will be attending the convention.

Of course I cannot make 100,000 gifts, nor travel with that many, so I have to call a halt at a certain number.

Being the convention is in Mexico City, I am taking things, the people there can use, but cannot afford to purchase.

Those are things I have been picking up here and there for the past few months.

Hair things for the females and ties for the males.

And then the gifts with the photos. Right now they are a load of postcards.

If I remember how to load the photos here, I will load the final copy, so you all can see what I have to share with the other delegates.

You all, if you know someone that is going to the same convention, could you contact me please.

Those that know me enough to know someone that is attending will already know how to contact me.

If I get someone that posts in the comments part, I will be asking questions, that cannot be fudged by someone not attending.

My crochet hooks have not been resting either, in fact, this afternoon, I have to work on a gift, that needs sent out in the next few days, so that needs done by Friday at the latest.

I have always turned my nose up at making doilies, I love seeing them and having them in my home.

I always thought what a waste, they are just dust catchers.

Well a group of sellers on Ebay taught me the joys of making and having the nicer of the doilies.

Now I not only crochet them, I have them all over the house.

Some aare my granny's and my great grandmothers.

Some are those that others have made, and I have one or two of mine.

Please, please, do not buy doilies from the dollar store or Walmart or stores like those.

There is no machine crocheting, like knitting.

If a dollar store sells a doily for a dollar and it take someone five to seven hours to make that doily, how much are the losers that are selling them to the dollar store paying that crocheter?
It makes me sick to think some woman is paid pennies for that much work.

If you want a doily, hire someone that you know, or go to a yarn store and ask there, for someone. But please, please, do what you can to stop that abuse.

It makes me sicker to think that a child may be the one making them.

I have a suggestion, the dollar stores and other stores buy, on the bases of what is sold. So if no doilies are sold, they won't come up to be bought. Hide the doilies when you see them.

Hide them where they cannot be seen for months.

I know how long it takes a good crocheter to make one doily, so that is why I am mentioning this.

Ok I promised so copies of the postcards I am making for the delegates of the convention.

Here they are.

This is not all of them.

This is starting to underline everything I am writing.

for some reason. I can say I had fun making these and then using a coupon from Walgreens.

The coupon was 50 prints for $5.00.
So I made several and had to correct some of them. Just to waste another coupon!

And others are going where I put them with no problem.

These are small, I may make some bigger tomorrow, with not much writing.
I am getting a headache and getting frustrated, because there is so much going wrong.

Ok there is not much cooperation with those silly things, so I will try and post them, in a bigger manner also, another day.

It is not worth the headache and not worth the frustration.

I also need to get crocheting while my show is on.