Monday, February 20, 2012

Mail Art

Mail Art

Mail art is so much a part of the person who is sending it.

I love drawing the flowers the most.

I have found that I really like to draw.

While I can draw some things fairly well, perhaps even accomplished.

Others are not so good, in fact they are pretty poor looking.

None the less, I enjoy it, and I figure. like crocheting, the more I draw, the better I will become.

I do very little journaling, so the drawing I like to do is usually on an envelop.
I get my ideas from many different pages. This is from the pages of a craft magazine.

The back of the envelop has pictures from another craft envelop.

I cannot name one person that has ever told me, they would rather get a plain white envelope, over a envelop that has some color to it.

Even those that work opening envelops would rather have a little bit added to the envelop, to break up the tediousness of the day.

Mail art is easy. If you just have a pen and an idea, go for it. I was in a hurry today getting the bills ready to mail and just basically doodled some art work

Mail art can be drawn or the envelop can be made of something different. I have used magazine pages, I plan on using a child's book, that is not in real good condition. I have sent and received ribbons on the outside of the envelop. I do not have any photos handy of the magazine pages I have sent.

However I love the part I can do myself, the art work. The drawing.

When I cannot sleep is usually when I do the most drawing and crocheting. So I get a lot done at night. Because I usually do not sleep well much nights.

I have tried to take photos of all the work I have sent out the door, but I get busy and want to focus on the tasks at hand and just end up sending the art work on.

Here is some someone sent to me. I think it is so beautiful.

This is the back side:

We do, at times, swap certain types or colors of mail art.
I have some spring art ready to be sent.
Here is another possibility for the spring swap:

I also have some red ready to be sent. I have finished two envelops for this swap, even though one is needed. I will probably send this one for the swap and the other envelop for something else. Front:

Here is number two of the red ones:

Some I have sent this week.

Sometimes I like to use only markers.

Other times I like to color only with the pencils.

But most of the time I like to use both and even crayons.

I also will do zentangle or plain old doodling.

I had been mulling over this idea for a long , long time. I finally got the courage to try it, and it took a few attempts to learn how to do it the correct way. That is pencil shaving art. This is my first try, that I have kept, the other one I did, I just had to toss in the waste bin. If you want to see some awesome art, look up pencil shaving art.

Others I have not sent and do not know when or who will get it.
Others I have done.

I hope I have inspired you to share in the fun and the thrill of mail art. If for no other reason, that someone must send better drawings that I do.

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Aurelas said...

I really enjoyed seeing your mail art! I tend to blank out when it comes time to draw on a blank envelope.

Aurelas (swap-bot)