Saturday, August 23, 2008

August the Month it Rained

The rains fell a lot here in August, The lawns and flowers did so well because of the rains.

The garden is doing great!

I so love the first grilled cheese and homegrown tomato sandwich of the summer.

I ate that slow, slow, slow, so I could savor every bite.

Summer is going so fast. The grandchildren and the younger nieces and one of my nephews are all back in school.

This summer break flew by fast.

It has been a busy summer.

The photo above is a collage of photos that were taken along the river walk in Pueblo Colorado.
This was a very pleasant place to take a good stroll or a good hard walk workout.

The yard is finally taking on a pretty look. I have been working hard getting the hill to look decent.

I finally gave up on grass growing there. The hill and the neighbors pine tree make grass an impossibility.

The neighbor that the pine tree belongs to, has put in a small wall on her side, and it looks so much better. (She is a fairly new neighbor and very nice) I have to get into that back strip, next year and do something with that.

Maybe some bushy type of flowers and some perennials would work.

I have put bark under the pine tree, and the hill and have added flower plants here and there. I have more flowers to add, thinning out the marigolds in the back and taking them to the front will help.

A friend is going to give me some cuttings from her Russian Sage. I am hoping that will be a good and fast spreader and I can have those making that area of the yard looking good.

Sweet, loving Don has done a lot of the digging and hauling.

Beside yard work, I have been making gifts from my beads and crocheting other things.

♥ ♥ ♥

Now it time to sell things. The International Conventions may seem a long ways away, but time flies faster than we want it to sometime. ♪ ♪

I have to sell things I make, and other things, to help pay for the privilege of being able to attend the International Convention, and the entire trips expense.

I like making small items, so I can work for the money and enjoy some of the work.

Some of the things I make are harder than others, but I like the challenge and it keeps me on my toes.

☻ ☻ ☻

I will be selling mostly through Etsy and possibly EBay. With the changes EBay is forcing on its sellers and buyers, I am not so certain I want to list there.

Here is a link to my Etsy store.

If that doesn't work. You can go to and click the drop down menu by the big Etsy sign and click sellers usernames and then type in Fawnscrafts.

I may use Wagglepop as a venue, but I have heard some not so good reports about billing in that site.


I make small items and will sell those.

Right now, besides yarn, I have retro dress hot pads and a kitchen set for sale on Etsy.

I have two purses that are not listed, that are ready to sell. (See photos if you are interested)This first one is a bit blurry, it is the flower and loop for closing the purse.

The first one is a child's purse. This is a darling heart shaped purse.

It is crocheted with worsted weight rose/burgundy yarn. And has a white handle that is also acrylic yarn, but it has a slight fizzy texture. The closure is a flower and a loop.

The second purse is a faux suede purse.
There is one main compartment. The out side is embellished with a forest theme.
It has pink beads to accent the flowering trees, and the leaves, branches and trunks are embroidered.
This purse is 100% polyester.

§ § §

I will be making bookmarks also.

The bookmarks are one of a kind and will be made differently, depending on my mood, or the texture I want to work with, or what someone asks for.

I can make corded, card stock, and crocheted, all with beads and/or tassels bookmarks.

The collage has some of what I have made.

JW’s and others, if you want a specific size, please email me. I can make them big enough for the Reference Bible or small enough for the paperback study books.

♥ ♥ ♥

Tomorrow or Monday I will be posting about other items I have made or will be making.

If you want to see better photos of the bookmarks, then go ahead and post a comment.

The bookmarks made from cards cannot be duplicated. Some crocheted ones can be, but most of those are one of a kind also. I use thread and yarn to make different bookmarks. Also, if you have a bead, charm or pendant that is special to you and you want to have a gift made of it to someone, I can make a bookmark for you. We can email and get a design up together if you want to.

The corded ones are easier to make the same.

I can make hats and scarfs also.

Post and ask if you are interested in pricing. Or you could ask for a color and I could make a listing on Etsy to take a deposit, and when the item is done the final payment is sent and I will send the item to you.

I can take Paypal and I am looking at a couple more safe payment sites, and I can take only USPS postal money orders, none from any other source but the USPS.

Checks would be up to my discretion.

Thank you for reading this blog and stumbling through my selling pitch.

♥ ♥ ♥