Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer is going away too fast if you ask me.

Well snow is on the forecast for some of the areas around us.

The wind is blowing and it is cold.

But that is a good sign to hang clothes out on the line.

It has been a busy summer.

The District Convention was of course awesome, and what I needed.

I plan to review the notes sometime in the next two weeks for my personal study time.

I think we are going to plan a day to go up and see the aspens color change again this year.

I just do not know where we will be going.

I would like to go in the way of Deckers or another area there, but that ares is the Hayman fire area. That was a few years ago , but not all has grown back yet.


Perhaps not.

My dear husband want to go up the Cripple Creek way. I do not know.

Maybe we can go through Leadville and see my daddy's and brother's graves.

I would like to go that way and come back down through Independence Pass.


Alas... after an hour of discussing the plans, we are going to Leadville via Wilkerson Pass, and coming back that way.

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My husband does not want to go towards Denver via I-70.

We may go up Hiway 6 for a few miles up to Climax area.

This past Monday Hubby and I went to Sam's Club, bought the things we needed/wanted there.

Then we went to Manitou, he drinks the Manitou water almost daily.

When we pulled up we saw a doe and twin fawns eating in the park where the water is. I only had my cell phone, so the photos won't be all that great. I may get to figuring out how to upload from the phone to the computer, so I can sign them and then find a way to share them.

Of course right now is not the time, because work is waiting for me.

There was another subject I want to start posting about. I am not going to start that in this post. Perhaps tomorrow, or whenever I can blog again