Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still winter, still cold

Well it got cold here. It was about the coldest I ever seen it here.

-16F and the wind chill way down there like near -50F,

Brrrr, that is spit and it freezes before it hits the sidewalk cold.

I have been looking for patterns to make for the baby.

On my quest, I have found so many wonderful designers that are so generous to let us ave the patterns at not cost, just respect the copyright.

For most of us, that is not hard, for the few that it seems they think they should get the glory or the money, it is sad.

I also saw a few years ago, two posters arguing over who designed a certain blanket first. Aha! I knew it was designed by someone else first, and it is printed in a book before the internet ever came into existence. First off, it could have been snagged from another pattern and re -sized. but nope I saw the original on a book I own.
When I find the book again, I will go to that site and put a note about it, then the argument can be settled.

Of course hundreds have taken that patterns an changed a stitch her and a color there and said they crated a new one.

Well perhaps. If this is so, since I have one with a certain number of parts, that I have never seen, then I created one also. WOW!

This is a month of working on my UFOs as well as baby things and a few things for my brand new niece wife of my old nephew. LOL he is old to me. about 22 years old now.

I also am thinking about creating some things for some other family members, but until I can get them done, I am not going to post.

I have found the site is awesome for getting nice and less easy to get postcards.

I have been not purchasing so much on Ebay also. I am kind of happy, It was going to be gettign out of hand, so now I have slowed down.

Perhaps today can be a day of looking for the things I collect and no longer have.

I never did get the things listed yet. I have had a some other things come up and oit has prevented me from doing that.

One day soon.

If I can get some housework done today, then on Monday, I can list.

Today I can send out two postcards, that I have no clue why they ever made them, they are of an ugly room. It is the ugliest postcard ever swap. I have so many of those it is a good reason to be able to share some.

One thing I hate about winter, is cold feet, it seems they stay cold, all winter.

I had a pair of wool socks I thought would be harsh to wear, but they were not, they were warm, warm and warm.

So I am on a wool sock hunt. I hate the mall, but I think I have to go to Dillards to get some.

I have a list as long as my arm of things to get finished this day. No fancy stuff here. today.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter, not so hot

I figure before reading my complaint, I would share some sunshine flowers!

Link to above graphic,
please let her know you like her work.

On with the blog ........

Well winter is upon us.

This past week most of the USA had very bitter cold weather and the other miseries that go along with the bitter cold.

Snow in parts, like here, we had four inches.

Other parts had the worst winter weather there is, ice storms.

I think those are the most damaging of all winter weather. Even blizzards do not do the same amount of damage.

I have been busy, when I am able to be.

Clothes pin bag made from an s Quilted postcard. Dishcloth I crocheted a
old child's My first one gift for a friend.
dress and lace
ribbon, hand sewed.

Dishcloth I sold Baby booties and bib Bookmark I would
Gift for a friend
like to sell

Doily I crocheted Postcard, all paper Booties I
for a contest. I gave away on designed and crocheted.

Some days this back is not a nice one and it can hurt so deeply and so much, that about all I can do is to lay down and rest it all day.

Even though I am not old, I feel like her.

I want to thank this website for having the picture that best describes how my pain can feel, mentally and physically.

Oh well gripe session is over.

Now for the good stuff.

I have a lot of postcards I want to sell. I am a collector. Learning and more learning. Learning about the value and the best card makers.

Learning about what I like in postcards. Bridges is one of my favorite. The older the better.
This is not as old as like and the size is bigger than I like.

I do not like the modern sizes. I do like the older smaller size.

Wonderful nice crocheter blog for the pattern of the flowers above.
I also have several crochet books and craft magazines to sell.
And there is some thread for sale.

I do have some Christmas colored cotton yarn for sale. You know, the variegated red, green and white. As of posting this blog, I have tree balls. The balls I have have the labels, only for photo reasons are the Peaches and Creme labels off of these below. It is called Mistletoe yarn 100% cotton.

I will be listing the magazines on Etsy.

If you do make a purchase, use this code upon checkout and get a 10% discount on the item price. Type in the box 10fawnscrafts.

You will save 10 percent on any and all items you purchase by March 31, 2011.

I am not a big seller, none the less, I want to sell these items and get them out of the house. I really need to get rid of them, so I can have my room back. LOL

Also, if I sell some things, I can buy postcards that are special. By that I mean, the ones that are most costly, because they are rare or are nicer than the usual I buy.

I will be listing several magazines later today.
I have Piecewoks, Cloth Paper Scissors, some knitting magazines and some quilting magazines.

There may be other ones also, I just do not remember at this moment. I have some crochet books also from skirts to baby and kitchen to doilies.

I will also be adding a few Hiddleson pattern books.

Single patterns will be listed also.

I have many cross stitch single patterns and books.

I also have some quilting patterns or pattern books for sale.

Knit books are available also.

All at 10% off is you use this code upon check out. 10fawnscrafts

As for the postcards, I will be gathering them together to sell.

I know that some are not in good enough condition to sell for a collector. (I bought some in lots and others were not that much). So I will be selling them for crafting. Also I have some hospital postcards, for scrapbooking.

How awesome would it be for the child you love and have a postcard in their scrapbook of the hospital they were born in? Or even better, how awesome would a family album, with granny's baby picture and the postcard of the hospital she was born in?

Do not forget to use the coupon 10fawnscrafts when checking out of my store.

Mmmm, I forgot to add a couple sites.

First there are a lot of wonderful ideas at this site. Many of them are to re-purpose items you would other wise throw away.

Cut out and Keep.

And some really nice quilt patterns are here.

Quilt Blocks Galore

Today, besides listing we are getting some things done around here.

Like usual, it is work, work, work. LOLOL. Oh well, work is good for the inner person.

Speaking of inner person has any one heard of the term, inner adult?

I know we all have an inner child, but what about an inner adult? Where would it be?

Would it hide behind the inner child, or would the inner child hide behind the inner adult, when other inner adults and inner children come visiting?

Well there is food for thought.

Oh wait now, how come there is food for thought?

How do we think of food when pondering something? Or do we ponder when eating food?