Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer is here

Well the cold weather stepped out for a while. Yipee!

It has been a very busy summer.

First of all, I decided to make me a craft room. So I brought the library to the guest room, and the old library is not my craft room.

With some help from DD and my special niece, I got most of the things emptied out of both rooms.

The library shelves DD set up for me and her husband helped set up the books. There is some more of those to gt done, but for now, most of it is finished.

The craft room is another story..... so I won't go there.

Giveaway Blogs: These are blogs that have a small gift for one winner. I am linking them here so my readers can have a chance to win, and read the blogs.

Giveaway 1

I was looking at patterns today and ran across a blog.

It is a giveaway blog.

I can post that on my blog, for a second chance to win.

... that what is photographed above is NOT the giveaway. The giveaway is a secret even from me!

This giveaway is open until July 14, 2010.

I think I did the link correctly.

You can click on the picture and it should take you to that giveaway site.

In case I did not get it right, here is the link: Click Here

Giveaway 2

There is another giveaway blog, and I can get an extra chance to win if I post the link here.

Yep, another flower frog (quilt not included). I'll fill it with a few goodies (what - I'm not sure yet). So here's all you have to do.

I will pick a winner on Monday, July 19th.

The photo should have the link. In case I messed that up here is the link: The link is hidden in these words, isn't that so cool?

I would love to post more today and share some photos, but alas, the craft room needs so much more work, that I am going to be focusing on that, my field service and then one day going to daddy's grave and visiting some campers I know that will be near there, and then camping for me later in the month.

OK, OK one link leads to another, for a giveaway. This time I need to put the link on the side bar, so please hope I do this right.

Here is another give away:

Giveaway 4

July gift I can hold a contest and give one lucky stitcher this:

Gingher 4" Mia Designer Embroidery Scissors

I will choose a name at random on July 25th for these beautiful scissors. Link hidden these words for your enjoyment.

Friday, April 30, 2010

25 Years in 12 days

May the 11th, marks 25 years of marriage to my husband. My first and only marriage.

What a mile stone.

Marriage is not always the easiest thing I have to deal with, but one of the best things I have.

What a life I have had and hopefully will have in the future.

And better to have soon, in the wonderful world, promised by Jehovah, when we both are perfect and will live forever.

(Isaiah 33:24)"And no resident will say: “I am sick.” The people that are dwelling in [the land] will be those pardoned for their error."

For more information about the time God has promised that there will be no more sickness, feel free to visit a local congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses or someone you know that is one or you can visit these sites.


I am selling on now. I have some thread and a necklace for sale there now. I hope soon to have some hand made items for sale. And I have one book listed right now, but I am hoping to get more books listed.

I have mostly knit and crochet books and there will be some embroidery and cross stitch pattern books and leaflets.

I also have some doilies that I will be selling.

If you have an interest in any of the items I mentioned, but have not listed. Please go to my Etsy store and email me. I would be more than happy to do private sales also.

The week starting on Monday is National Postcard Week. May 2-9 2010.

I do have some postcards I made for this week. I am willing to swap card for card. I made two different ones, so I will trade both or one.

The top one is of items I have made or photos I have taken. Both cards are copyrighted.

I have about 60 perhaps of each one that I can swap.

Of course the fellow Postcrossers may want some. But then again, if you sign up for postcrossing, you can get some very nice postcards from around the world.

In fact I got a card today from Russia today. It is an area that has the midnight sun, and the card is a photo of a bridge with the midnight sun setting.

I think I have posted a link to postcrossing before, but I will post it again.

It is the end of April and it is supposed to snow, well that is Colorado weather for you. It snowed the day of my senior prom in June in 1978, so nothing can surprise me, weather wise in Colorado.

I am, trying my hand at different crafts, and these are different than normal ones. Hopefully I can get the first of these done this evening, so I can list that on Etsy. If it does not come out that good, I will just keep it in an album of projects.

Please, everyone have a wonderful day or night, or tomorrow, well you all know what I mean.

Oh I meant to get a pattern I designed up here.

I will try to work on that also. I have another one, that I will be selling on Etsy. The one for sale will be for baby booties.

I do need to get some more items copyrighted, so that I can sell them, without someone stealing my title and name. So I cannot share that until I get that done.

I may make a book of the items I want to have copyrighted, so that I won't have to pay the fee for each item.

For anything I sell, I sell to the USA only and I will take USPS money orders only, as well as Paypal and Paypal will have limits for amounts.

If you send the USPS money order, then I can cash it when I take the package in to ship it.

The bank will not cash money orders, thus the limit to the USPS ones.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Roaming the WWW

Wow, I have found so many new and exciting sites, as I want to expand my talents, not only crocheting, but embroidering more, and other needlework.

I have a project for my daughter and her work desk to get started.

Her and a co-worker are having a decorate the desk contest. She loves duckies, and I have some material with duckies, and some yellow material and a transfer pattern of a ducky.

I also found this great site.

I have in the past share some photos of some bookmarks that I have made.

Bookmarks are great, they encourage reading, and keeping a book in pristine condition, if that book should be kept that way.

They are so simple to make.

I just finished make a few more, no photos yet, perhaps later.

I have made some awesome paper bookmarks also.

This is where your imagination comes in to play.

What you will need:

1. Card stock or old manila folder in good shape.
2. A template in the size you want to make this bookmark. Usually 2 inches x 6 or 7 inches is great. The template can be made out of old cardboard, the back of a greeting card or any other semi stiff paper.

I usually have the bookmark no smaller than one inch wide(2.54 cc), and no shorter than 4 inches long. (10.16 cc)

3 Any pictures from magazines or other sources or material.
4. Glue
5. Scissors ( Child safe if doing this with a child)
6. Any decoration that you would like to add.

Button, fringe, tassel, sticker, rick rack, and ribbon can be used.
If the bookmark is going to be used by a young child, please do not add on anything they can take off and choke on. Some decorative ribbon around the edge would be great for a younger child.

Use the template to cut out the bookmark from the card stock.
Then cover one or both sides using a glue stick if using paper, or a glue gun or fabric glue if using material

This is where the fun begins. Use your imagination; you can make this out of many pictures, a few scraps of material or even both.

For you add ons you can add buttons, a fringe or a tassel to the bookmark. Just make sure these add ons do not do damage to the book, so they should be near the top or the bottom.

Of course any flat decoration, like rick rack, glitter or stickers can be used anywhere on the bookmark.

After you have glued on the material, then use a hole punch, if you want to add a ribbon or a tassel on the top or bottom.
I would recommend a regular round punch, no larger than ¼ inch.

Let the glue completely dry, and then it is ready to use or give as a gift.

I am going to try and make a ducky one for the contest at my daughter’s work.

Friday, January 8, 2010

This day is so far...

So far it is a so-so day.

I woke up about 5 in bad pain and had to get up.

So I did, started the coffee and got a cup. I did the daily scripture for the day and am sitting here now waiting for the pain to subside enough for me to be able to bend over and get some work done.

I was checking out this site. and ran across this download. It has a few patterns in it for the crocheters that read this blog. They are nice patterns with very professional photos.

The entire site is a nice site. This part of it is especially useful to those of us that recycle anything.

These past few days I have been my usual busy self. Yesterday I got to spend time with my daughter, which is not to often because of our schedules and illnesses. We went to meet someone that wants to learn knitting and got stood up, but it was OK because I found a couple good items I could use on clearance and found something else I could use, while we were at the store waiting for her.

I started two winter scarves, and finished one. That is from my pattern I designed. I have to put the finishing touches on the written pattern then I may post it as a freebie or sell it for a couple bucks. I do not know yet. It is an easy, quick to work up pattern.

For the crocheters that like the old pattern books. I found this site and it is wonderful for getting the old books on PDF.

I looked to buy some of these on Ebay and some sellers had a few for reasonable prices. Some, of course, thought that they could get more than they are worth, and some make copies and sell those.

I was pretty much disgusted about that situation, so I did some searching, mainly to buy some older books, and I found this site. I have downloaded a few books from the 1800's. And some from the early 1900's.

Some of the books on housekeeping have advice that is still great advice today. And praise the woman of the house, because we do so much to make the household run smoothly.

I have not finished my search for the actual copies of these old books, but now I can use the PDf's for the patterns I want to try and make. The directions are somewhat different than the directions of today, that can be overcome easily enough. Sometimes it takes knowing what comes next most of the time and sometimes it takes looking at the items photo and then it could take looking up the term online and seeing if there is a modern day comparison.

If you do use those links, have fun!

I still am working on the convention photos. Right now I am waiting for the photo ink to arrive, so I can print some of my own.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Like usual it was a busy fall.

Mostly I was busy being very ill.

Right up to the day before I was to leave for the International Convention, I was real ill.

I prayed and prayed about it, and frankly asked Jehovah to help me handle my feelings if I could not make it.
I did get to the doctor and get it all taken care of and the day before I left all fell into place.

I had help packing and getting the house ready, which I am very, very grateful for.

Thank you Jehovah, my sister, my nieces, my daughter and my husband. With all of their help I was packed and ready to go Sunday morning. And the only thing I forgot was some chap lip, what we call lip balm. So I bought one, for over $4.00 at the airport and you better believe at that price, I have not lost it.

I will wait for another day to post about the convention. I have not had the chance to upload the photos and determine if I will print them or have a store print them.

I will state that I am still wiped out, even though I have been home for two weeks. It was worth it though. As you will be able to see when I post about the entire two week trip.

There is a postcard show coming up in Golden this month that I want to try and go to. I am hoping that I can make it the first, or both days. I want to learn a lot and buy some there. It would be nice to learn how to clean post cards, and sell them for a profit.

I have so many that I would be willing to sell, at a profit, and I need to learn how to do that fairly so neither I or the buyer will get gypped.

I keep a lot of my postcards also. I am going to do a lot of different things with the ones I keep. Of course there will be those in the protective boxes and albums, and I want to have some on the walls here. I just have nto decided how I will put most of them up yet.

I would like fawns, baby deers, for those that don't know the English term, for my living room. And if you know me well enough to have my email, and can get me some fawns from your area, please email me about the cost and I will see if I can purchase them.

I also swap postcards and have many, many I can swap.

For some reason I am having a problem getting that site to organize my cards and photos in the order I want them to.

It is the Colorado postcards I have for swapping.

Of course I have been doing some crocheting. I have sold a few items and now I am working on a new design of my own. I have some more items to make that I need to sell this month and get some learning about a new craft done also.
And get the photos of the convention trip in an album and scrapbook that.

I have a tight schedule for all I need to get done. From the fun stuff to the serious things. Studying is always the first thing in the day that is on my list. So that I can make sure the import things are done, and then service and of course the meetings.

The postcard show is on a Friday and Saturday, so I will get to attend that. Because I would not miss a meeting for that.

Well today is the first Sunday of the year 2010. Our meeting time changed to the afternoon and we use the new songbook today.

I need to get ready for that now. And drink another cup of coffee.