Saturday, February 5, 2011

Still winter, still cold

Well it got cold here. It was about the coldest I ever seen it here.

-16F and the wind chill way down there like near -50F,

Brrrr, that is spit and it freezes before it hits the sidewalk cold.

I have been looking for patterns to make for the baby.

On my quest, I have found so many wonderful designers that are so generous to let us ave the patterns at not cost, just respect the copyright.

For most of us, that is not hard, for the few that it seems they think they should get the glory or the money, it is sad.

I also saw a few years ago, two posters arguing over who designed a certain blanket first. Aha! I knew it was designed by someone else first, and it is printed in a book before the internet ever came into existence. First off, it could have been snagged from another pattern and re -sized. but nope I saw the original on a book I own.
When I find the book again, I will go to that site and put a note about it, then the argument can be settled.

Of course hundreds have taken that patterns an changed a stitch her and a color there and said they crated a new one.

Well perhaps. If this is so, since I have one with a certain number of parts, that I have never seen, then I created one also. WOW!

This is a month of working on my UFOs as well as baby things and a few things for my brand new niece wife of my old nephew. LOL he is old to me. about 22 years old now.

I also am thinking about creating some things for some other family members, but until I can get them done, I am not going to post.

I have found the site is awesome for getting nice and less easy to get postcards.

I have been not purchasing so much on Ebay also. I am kind of happy, It was going to be gettign out of hand, so now I have slowed down.

Perhaps today can be a day of looking for the things I collect and no longer have.

I never did get the things listed yet. I have had a some other things come up and oit has prevented me from doing that.

One day soon.

If I can get some housework done today, then on Monday, I can list.

Today I can send out two postcards, that I have no clue why they ever made them, they are of an ugly room. It is the ugliest postcard ever swap. I have so many of those it is a good reason to be able to share some.

One thing I hate about winter, is cold feet, it seems they stay cold, all winter.

I had a pair of wool socks I thought would be harsh to wear, but they were not, they were warm, warm and warm.

So I am on a wool sock hunt. I hate the mall, but I think I have to go to Dillards to get some.

I have a list as long as my arm of things to get finished this day. No fancy stuff here. today.