Monday, March 8, 2010

Roaming the WWW

Wow, I have found so many new and exciting sites, as I want to expand my talents, not only crocheting, but embroidering more, and other needlework.

I have a project for my daughter and her work desk to get started.

Her and a co-worker are having a decorate the desk contest. She loves duckies, and I have some material with duckies, and some yellow material and a transfer pattern of a ducky.

I also found this great site.

I have in the past share some photos of some bookmarks that I have made.

Bookmarks are great, they encourage reading, and keeping a book in pristine condition, if that book should be kept that way.

They are so simple to make.

I just finished make a few more, no photos yet, perhaps later.

I have made some awesome paper bookmarks also.

This is where your imagination comes in to play.

What you will need:

1. Card stock or old manila folder in good shape.
2. A template in the size you want to make this bookmark. Usually 2 inches x 6 or 7 inches is great. The template can be made out of old cardboard, the back of a greeting card or any other semi stiff paper.

I usually have the bookmark no smaller than one inch wide(2.54 cc), and no shorter than 4 inches long. (10.16 cc)

3 Any pictures from magazines or other sources or material.
4. Glue
5. Scissors ( Child safe if doing this with a child)
6. Any decoration that you would like to add.

Button, fringe, tassel, sticker, rick rack, and ribbon can be used.
If the bookmark is going to be used by a young child, please do not add on anything they can take off and choke on. Some decorative ribbon around the edge would be great for a younger child.

Use the template to cut out the bookmark from the card stock.
Then cover one or both sides using a glue stick if using paper, or a glue gun or fabric glue if using material

This is where the fun begins. Use your imagination; you can make this out of many pictures, a few scraps of material or even both.

For you add ons you can add buttons, a fringe or a tassel to the bookmark. Just make sure these add ons do not do damage to the book, so they should be near the top or the bottom.

Of course any flat decoration, like rick rack, glitter or stickers can be used anywhere on the bookmark.

After you have glued on the material, then use a hole punch, if you want to add a ribbon or a tassel on the top or bottom.
I would recommend a regular round punch, no larger than ¼ inch.

Let the glue completely dry, and then it is ready to use or give as a gift.

I am going to try and make a ducky one for the contest at my daughter’s work.