Friday, July 25, 2008

One Glorious Month into a Warm and Happy Summer

It has been a terrific summer. The garden is producing tomatoes and herbs, the flowers are starting to come out. We had a proliferation of roses, they looked impressive!

My clematis was doing fantastic. I am trying to harvest the seeds off of those, and that is a hard job. I am still getting the stragglers blooming. The baskets are holding their own; I have to work on those once a week. As the old blooms die, I take them off and harvest what seeds I can harvest.

My first morning glory bloomed today.
I wanted a photo if it, but I needed to take my fellow Mother –in-law to the doctors. So she and I made a day of it, until after lunch.

She went with her husband and I went to the library.

I checked out too many books, a few I have gone thorough some already, and know what I am able use out of them.

About a week and a half ago some new neighbors decided to move in.

They built their place in one day and were dangerous, so we wanted them out of here.

The photo above is of their said home.

DH sprayed it two times, and got the queen at least, there were a few that flew away.

I picked up the nest after it fell and looked at it.

Seven layers, all in one day. I think that is absolutely incredible!

I wanted to keep it and look at it more, but DH went out when I was gone and destroyed it.

But that nest urged me to be determined to make this:

And I did, here it is hanging up front. But it will go in back.

We need the decoy for up here on the deck. Down in the far yonder part, by the back fence a nest would be no problem.

So a summer full of joys and stresses, but all are doing what the creator put in them to instinctively do.

Next summer, I may be going to an International Convention.

To get there, I need to earn my way. So I am selling things. And pinching pennies.

Many will be hand crocheted items, some hand crafted, some will just have added embellishments made by me and some commercially produced items.

The commercially produced items will mainly be crochet and knit books, yarns, and piano music and a few other items.

I am starting to sell items. Some will be hand crocheted and some handmade and some embellished by me, and some commercially produced and I do not need anymore.

I did get all of my yarn books sorted, or at least I think it is all of them.

I found out I have a few books that I have double copies of so some of those must go up for sale. I have offered them locally first, so if you are local and got the email and are interested, go ahead and contact me.

The purple one was a gift.

This set is on sale in my Etsy store.