Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Great Time


This is a photo I took last fall. We went on a nice afternoon drive to see the aspens. This was taken on the Cripple Creek hi-way.

The Family Reunion was fantastic.

We had fun and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Laughter, hugs and love reigned over the entire weekend.

I found out one cousin is a professional photographer. His work is one of a kind. He takes photos in a manner that looses the one flat dimension. Most postcards, as beautiful as they are, are in a one dimension mode.

As soon as I get information, I will be posting more information about his photos.

I can say, and say it with pride, his photos puts my flowers and other photos to shame.

I do not mind, he has an eye for the right light and the correct angle.

I just get excited and click away.

I am still trying to get my store off the ground. Right now, I have only yarn listed. But soon, I hope to have hand crafted items for sale.


I was super busy making gifts for the family. Now I am getting many works in progress done, some are gifts and some are to sell.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Smiling and Packing


Tomorrow, well it is later today now, because it is now after midnight.
We get to go to our family reunion.
Mainly it is a celebration of and aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary.
I am excited.

This has been an emotional day, for different reasons, so some things had to be put off until the last moments.

I haven't even started packing the suitcase. But most of what I am packing is sorted and ready to pack.

I have gifts ready to put in a box and crochet projects in their respective bags, the crochet hooks and scissors and other accessories are ready to get loaded in the car.

I have to charge some more batteries for the camera, so I can take hundreds of photos. If I see a flower and am able to, I more than likely will take a photo of that. Well let me say a flower that is growing outdoors. Unless it is an awesome one growing indoors or a cut flower that is worthy to take a photo of.

It has been a busy two weeks.

I have had other family visit me a few days. I started making my plarn that I am going to loom knit into a bath mat.

Plarn you ask? It is plastic bags recycled into a ball of plastic string, to make things with. Nap mats, purses and grocery totes are popular things to make out of plarn.

The part of the bag I do not use for plarn will go to the plastic bag recycle bin at the stores.

I have finished up the bath sets I am making for my aunts. I have one and a half of remote cozies to make my uncles, left to do.

Remote cozies you ask? Yes, for that is all I could think of that is fast and easy enough for my skills for them. Now I just have to make up a goofy poem to let the uncles know what they are and why I picked the cozies to make.

We have almost finished the front yard. It needed some landscaping terribly bad. The back yard has about two more days work, but that has to wait a couple weeks.

My photos today, is one that I took after it rained one day, and then I went into my Photo Shop program and cut out all the background. (That took a lot of work, but it was basically easy) There is a before and after.

I have some brand new blooms on the rose bush I noticed today. I may run out and get a photo after I post this.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A New Adventure

This is a photo taken from an older cell phone. This is near Garden of the Gods, near Colorado Springs.


For the first time, I am going to try selling on Etsy.


I am going to sell yarn.

I have too many bins full of yarn and need to clear some out.

Eventually, I want to sell hand crafted items.

If you are on the lookout for yarns, please visit my store and see if I have what you want.

When I get the handcrafted items listed in the store. I will be posting here some of the items I have for sale.

You all have a great day, and a great week!