Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tangle dare # 20

My Art


I like to draw a lot of tangles, and doodle type of art  called

Dudeangle* and happy monsters.

  Tangle Dare # 20 is here.
   Thank you for the Dares

Tangles are fun to draw. They are totally different than doodling. Tangles usually have a pattern to them that is part of the drawing, and not so much just drawing what the sub conscience wants as with doodling.   As you see tangles have sections also, doodle usually covers any part of the entire sheet of paper you are drawing on, even a phone book page.  

Rule Applied Tangle Sorry for the edge, my crop program is missing right now.

Colorful Tangle

 Another Dare Dare #46

Tangle Dare# 46 is here. 

The Bright Owl is very talented and her Dares really make tangling  more fun and much of a delight.

Shown is a mix  between doodle and tangle called Dudeangle.

Envelope I did some Dudeangle

*Dudeangle = Doodle and tangle in one. Dudeangle is my word and is owned by me. t. But please do not make it a profit word for you.  Selling the word or patterns using the word cannot be done. You can share freely patterns using this word, and   you can sell the art you make, but the word is mine and  cannot be used   in any other way for profit. Please link back to my page if you want to share it.

Bookmark I did some Dudeangle here.

.And of course there are other days I want to draw something that looks like a real thing. So I try to draw  many flowers, those are usually my favorite.
As you can see, fawns are a work in progress. 
A test fawn on a note pad

Envelope that I drew for someone to get that special letter
close up of envelope above is fawn (duh eh?)  below is the owl

So here is some of my art. I have more to post, but alas the hour is late and I still need to get some studying  finished, and get some sleep.