Friday, January 8, 2010

This day is so far...

So far it is a so-so day.

I woke up about 5 in bad pain and had to get up.

So I did, started the coffee and got a cup. I did the daily scripture for the day and am sitting here now waiting for the pain to subside enough for me to be able to bend over and get some work done.

I was checking out this site. and ran across this download. It has a few patterns in it for the crocheters that read this blog. They are nice patterns with very professional photos.

The entire site is a nice site. This part of it is especially useful to those of us that recycle anything.

These past few days I have been my usual busy self. Yesterday I got to spend time with my daughter, which is not to often because of our schedules and illnesses. We went to meet someone that wants to learn knitting and got stood up, but it was OK because I found a couple good items I could use on clearance and found something else I could use, while we were at the store waiting for her.

I started two winter scarves, and finished one. That is from my pattern I designed. I have to put the finishing touches on the written pattern then I may post it as a freebie or sell it for a couple bucks. I do not know yet. It is an easy, quick to work up pattern.

For the crocheters that like the old pattern books. I found this site and it is wonderful for getting the old books on PDF.

I looked to buy some of these on Ebay and some sellers had a few for reasonable prices. Some, of course, thought that they could get more than they are worth, and some make copies and sell those.

I was pretty much disgusted about that situation, so I did some searching, mainly to buy some older books, and I found this site. I have downloaded a few books from the 1800's. And some from the early 1900's.

Some of the books on housekeeping have advice that is still great advice today. And praise the woman of the house, because we do so much to make the household run smoothly.

I have not finished my search for the actual copies of these old books, but now I can use the PDf's for the patterns I want to try and make. The directions are somewhat different than the directions of today, that can be overcome easily enough. Sometimes it takes knowing what comes next most of the time and sometimes it takes looking at the items photo and then it could take looking up the term online and seeing if there is a modern day comparison.

If you do use those links, have fun!

I still am working on the convention photos. Right now I am waiting for the photo ink to arrive, so I can print some of my own.

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