Sunday, January 3, 2010


Like usual it was a busy fall.

Mostly I was busy being very ill.

Right up to the day before I was to leave for the International Convention, I was real ill.

I prayed and prayed about it, and frankly asked Jehovah to help me handle my feelings if I could not make it.
I did get to the doctor and get it all taken care of and the day before I left all fell into place.

I had help packing and getting the house ready, which I am very, very grateful for.

Thank you Jehovah, my sister, my nieces, my daughter and my husband. With all of their help I was packed and ready to go Sunday morning. And the only thing I forgot was some chap lip, what we call lip balm. So I bought one, for over $4.00 at the airport and you better believe at that price, I have not lost it.

I will wait for another day to post about the convention. I have not had the chance to upload the photos and determine if I will print them or have a store print them.

I will state that I am still wiped out, even though I have been home for two weeks. It was worth it though. As you will be able to see when I post about the entire two week trip.

There is a postcard show coming up in Golden this month that I want to try and go to. I am hoping that I can make it the first, or both days. I want to learn a lot and buy some there. It would be nice to learn how to clean post cards, and sell them for a profit.

I have so many that I would be willing to sell, at a profit, and I need to learn how to do that fairly so neither I or the buyer will get gypped.

I keep a lot of my postcards also. I am going to do a lot of different things with the ones I keep. Of course there will be those in the protective boxes and albums, and I want to have some on the walls here. I just have nto decided how I will put most of them up yet.

I would like fawns, baby deers, for those that don't know the English term, for my living room. And if you know me well enough to have my email, and can get me some fawns from your area, please email me about the cost and I will see if I can purchase them.

I also swap postcards and have many, many I can swap.

For some reason I am having a problem getting that site to organize my cards and photos in the order I want them to.

It is the Colorado postcards I have for swapping.

Of course I have been doing some crocheting. I have sold a few items and now I am working on a new design of my own. I have some more items to make that I need to sell this month and get some learning about a new craft done also.
And get the photos of the convention trip in an album and scrapbook that.

I have a tight schedule for all I need to get done. From the fun stuff to the serious things. Studying is always the first thing in the day that is on my list. So that I can make sure the import things are done, and then service and of course the meetings.

The postcard show is on a Friday and Saturday, so I will get to attend that. Because I would not miss a meeting for that.

Well today is the first Sunday of the year 2010. Our meeting time changed to the afternoon and we use the new songbook today.

I need to get ready for that now. And drink another cup of coffee.

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