Sunday, June 2, 2013

New post. This is going to be a day for crochet.

Bookmarks I crocheted, most designed by me. Some just as my mind was  going, so there is no pattern. Others there is a pattern. And one or two are from patterns that are not bookmark patterns, but look good as a bookmark, so there is no patterns for those.

I hope the downloads to crop photos did OK. I uses this to do very basic photo editing.

Be careful loading it on the computer, to make sure you want the extra programs they send with it.

I crop, resize abd flip with this program. It does have a few other photo enhancers, but I rarely use those. t makes simple photos easy to get ready for the internet.
Irfanview is the title of the program and I set up a link in that title so just click on the Irfanview word. and you should be able to get to their site.

Now I get to taking the photoes and the battery is out of power, grrrr.

So I will have to share those tomorrow.

Before I leave the site today, I do want to share one photo. It is an envelope I got in the mail yesterday. Well after all it is mote than one photo.

Isn't that so pretty?

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Tara said...

thanks for the update. this envelope is really sweet. i am trying my hand at zentangles and yours look really cool.
visiting from swapbot-gain expose to your blog.