Sunday, June 28, 2009

I made too many mistakes and this is the correction of them.

I am going to bold the corrections.

Things are changing a lot around the Blog scene.

It took an hour or longer for me to sign in, mainly because it seemed that my blog disappeared.


I have been busy, like usual.

My sweet husband, has had double pneumonia, and I have had to carry a lot of his load, as well as my own and I just cannot get ahead. That does not include the hours going to and from the doctors. One is anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes one way.

I feel like I am on a time squeeze for a lot of things, that need to get done. The convention is next weekend. I have yard work and house work I would like to get done before the convention.

I guess the yard will have to wait, but the house cannot wait.

We can drive back and forth, so there will be no major packing, at this point. If Don cannot go, I may have to get a hotel, if it is to late to get a ride from someone else.

I cannot drive on my pain meds, if I have to drive, I will not be able to take any of them all day, until I get home. So I am worried about that. Since it is so close to the convention, many people have all the plans made and full cars by now. And I doubt there will be a hotel room in the city we have the convention, because most of the hotels are here in my city. LOL

I will ask tomorrow at the meeting. Then I am going to take a break and get out in service even more tomorrow. Service is a break from so much, and with the invitations work it is a very pleasant time. I get out more often than I have this week, it just has been a crazy week.

It is a busy time for us that is for sure. Besides service, house work and yard work I have been busy getting gifts ready. One is a yard sale swap and I got that sent out today, just on the wire day for last day to be sent.

I still have another baby bootie to crochet and a hat to make for an online shower.

But I already had told everyone that I may not be part of the shower.

I have been so busy that I could not get to my Watchtower to study this week.

It is nearly 10:30 p.m. and it still needs done.

I feel horrible, because that is my favorite thing to study and this week it seems like it is a huge project.

And of course this is the week with a lot of scriptures to think about and meditate on, so my mind will be busy till midnight or later. Like I said , it is my favorite, so I will enjoy studying it, it is just getting started.

I also have to take care of some business online tonight before I go to bed. And not to be rude, but I stink, so I need a shower really, really bad.

The humidity has been like Oklahoma's lately, not the dry Colorado we love.

So the stink is a daily thing, until we get these storms out of the area.

And the storms are not the friendly rain storms, no, they are full of wind, tornadoes and hail and just about all kinds of stuff we as humans, don't like.

My plants have been dug up lately also.

I covered the compost so the animals won't get into it, but they are destroying my plants, so I am going to let them have at the compost.

I am going to stop Blogging and study...

Two hours later. I did it! I studied the entire lesson, and looked up all of the scriptures!

This is no big deal, millions of others have done the same thing. I am just happy I can go to bed after my shower now. And think about the lesson and how I should appreciate Jesus' role, more than I do now.

I am not going to add any photos today, well tonight, well now it is Sunday about 12:45, so it is another day.

It is too late to bother with photos.

In fact when I first tried to post tonight it was way earlier and I had something to state about crochet patterns.

That will have to be posted another day.

This is all I can write tonight, I just have so much more to do before I go to bed.

I don't like staying up this late, but such is life.

Oh man, oh man, I forgot to water the lawn.

I have to do that tonight, at least part of it.

I will do that now, then get the shower, then the Internet business then turn off the hose and go to bed!

Night, night all.

Now I know there is one more mistake, but I cannot find it. Who cares the shower and bed are calling me.

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