Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Great Time


This is a photo I took last fall. We went on a nice afternoon drive to see the aspens. This was taken on the Cripple Creek hi-way.

The Family Reunion was fantastic.

We had fun and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Laughter, hugs and love reigned over the entire weekend.

I found out one cousin is a professional photographer. His work is one of a kind. He takes photos in a manner that looses the one flat dimension. Most postcards, as beautiful as they are, are in a one dimension mode.

As soon as I get information, I will be posting more information about his photos.

I can say, and say it with pride, his photos puts my flowers and other photos to shame.

I do not mind, he has an eye for the right light and the correct angle.

I just get excited and click away.

I am still trying to get my store off the ground. Right now, I have only yarn listed. But soon, I hope to have hand crafted items for sale.


I was super busy making gifts for the family. Now I am getting many works in progress done, some are gifts and some are to sell.

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