Monday, April 29, 2013

May spring bloom into summer~ Fawn V.

A year has nearly passed since I have been on the blog. 

That is good in one way, because it means I have been busy.
Busy, doing my pioneering work, busy wiht the study of the Bible and meetings, which both delight me. The best part of my busy is speaking about Jehovah.

A great site to find out about God or Jehovah's Witnesses is here at this site.  It can open in a new window if you wish.
I was just visiting the above site, as I like to do every few days or at least once a week, and found this delightful song, sung by children.   They are singing "We Thank You Jehovah."

I have also been busy with crocheting and art work. The crocheting has slowed down a bit. I did have a couple of patterns I have designed. I  really want to share one of them for the readers to be able to use.

I have to  find a way to write it, so even new crocheters can follow the patterns.

I do have some I want to sell also. Not because I am a great shake, and  I think my designs are so great, but it seems that it is much harder to 'steal' a pattern and claim it's your own if the pattern get sold.

My art work is not for sale at all. I share what I want to share,  and will keep the rest in my journals.