Wednesday, January 25, 2012

La-la, Hmm-hmm.

Wow what the last few months have brought to me.

A lot of differences and a lot of happiness.

I was blessed to be able to attend Pioneer Service School in August 2011.

That was the spiritual shot in the arm I needed.

I was able to come out of a depression I was sort of aware of and sort of not aware of.

Postcrossing is still a big part of my Internet life. I love being able to send and receive postcards from all over the world.

I have also been able to meet a lot of wonderfully kind folks over here at Swap-bot.

Swap-bot is a nifty sight where you can, once again, swap postcards with other from all over the world.

My collections are about to be huge.

I have many postcards, some sort of rare and some not so rare. I still cannot bring myself to pay over $5.00 for one card unless it is rare. In fact that amount is a card that is rare also. Usually I will not pay over $1.00, so I guess I am a low end collector.

My favorite cards are the ones made before the WWII era. Some up to the 1950's decade are nice also. I think of life and how it must have been back when the postcards were made or written.

I also wonder if the person that the card is sent to, still lives in the same place, are they still alive, or is the place they lived torn down and a 'new' joint built up. We do live in a country that tears down old and puts up new. I wish that would not be the case so often. The old style and workmanship will never be replaced in this old world.

I have also been designing crochet items. I love to make my own ideas. And then love to give them away.

Right now I need to take photos of two bookmarks I finished last week.

I do have some photos of other bookmarks I have finished a few weeks ago.

I think I can try and find them and perhaps post some of the photos on here.