Friday, April 30, 2010

25 Years in 12 days

May the 11th, marks 25 years of marriage to my husband. My first and only marriage.

What a mile stone.

Marriage is not always the easiest thing I have to deal with, but one of the best things I have.

What a life I have had and hopefully will have in the future.

And better to have soon, in the wonderful world, promised by Jehovah, when we both are perfect and will live forever.

(Isaiah 33:24)"And no resident will say: “I am sick.” The people that are dwelling in [the land] will be those pardoned for their error."

For more information about the time God has promised that there will be no more sickness, feel free to visit a local congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses or someone you know that is one or you can visit these sites.


I am selling on now. I have some thread and a necklace for sale there now. I hope soon to have some hand made items for sale. And I have one book listed right now, but I am hoping to get more books listed.

I have mostly knit and crochet books and there will be some embroidery and cross stitch pattern books and leaflets.

I also have some doilies that I will be selling.

If you have an interest in any of the items I mentioned, but have not listed. Please go to my Etsy store and email me. I would be more than happy to do private sales also.

The week starting on Monday is National Postcard Week. May 2-9 2010.

I do have some postcards I made for this week. I am willing to swap card for card. I made two different ones, so I will trade both or one.

The top one is of items I have made or photos I have taken. Both cards are copyrighted.

I have about 60 perhaps of each one that I can swap.

Of course the fellow Postcrossers may want some. But then again, if you sign up for postcrossing, you can get some very nice postcards from around the world.

In fact I got a card today from Russia today. It is an area that has the midnight sun, and the card is a photo of a bridge with the midnight sun setting.

I think I have posted a link to postcrossing before, but I will post it again.

It is the end of April and it is supposed to snow, well that is Colorado weather for you. It snowed the day of my senior prom in June in 1978, so nothing can surprise me, weather wise in Colorado.

I am, trying my hand at different crafts, and these are different than normal ones. Hopefully I can get the first of these done this evening, so I can list that on Etsy. If it does not come out that good, I will just keep it in an album of projects.

Please, everyone have a wonderful day or night, or tomorrow, well you all know what I mean.

Oh I meant to get a pattern I designed up here.

I will try to work on that also. I have another one, that I will be selling on Etsy. The one for sale will be for baby booties.

I do need to get some more items copyrighted, so that I can sell them, without someone stealing my title and name. So I cannot share that until I get that done.

I may make a book of the items I want to have copyrighted, so that I won't have to pay the fee for each item.

For anything I sell, I sell to the USA only and I will take USPS money orders only, as well as Paypal and Paypal will have limits for amounts.

If you send the USPS money order, then I can cash it when I take the package in to ship it.

The bank will not cash money orders, thus the limit to the USPS ones.